Municipal Castings

Drainage Frames and Gates

A-8G B-05 Frame B-05 Grate B-06 Grate B-09 Grate B-10 DG Grate
B-10 Grate B-10 Pedestrian Grate B-10B Trough B-11 Grate B-11-1 Grate B-13A Grate
B-14 Grate B-14C Grates B-14C-PED Grate B-18 Grate LH B-18A HB Grate B-19 Frame
B-19A Frame B-19A LH Grate B-19A Median Grate B-19A Mod. Twin Frame B-19B Box B-19C 4 Riser
B-19C 5 Riser B-22 Grate B-22A Grate B-22B Grate B-22C Grate B-23 LH Grate
B-24 Adjustable Frame B-24 Flow Thru Hood B-24 Modified Frame B-24D Frame B-24Full Circle Frame B-25A Frame and Grate
B-25D Grate B-25F Grate B-26A Frame and Grate B-26A Solid Cover B-26B Frame and Grate B-26B Modified Grate
B-26C Grate B-26C Metric Grate B-26C Modified Grate B-26C Solid Cover B-26C T&G Grate B-26D Frame
B-26E Cover B-26F Cover B-27 Frame and Grate B-28 (Kitimat) Grate B-28 (No.32) Grate B-28 Frame
B-28 Grate B-28 Pedestrian Grate B-30 Frame and Grate B-33R Grate B-33R Solid Cover B-37 Grate
B-37A Frame B-39 Grate B-39 Modified Grate B-39A Frame B-39B Side Inlet Hood B-40 Rolled Curb Frame
B-40 Rolled Curb Grate B-42 Frame B-42 Grate D-2 Frame D-2 Grate D-2 Solid Cover
D-2B Grate D-22 Frame D-22 Grate D-22 Solid Cover SM-94 Cover SM-94 Frame
SM96F Front View SM96F Side View


Large Hatch TC 1300×800 Hatch

Manhole Frame and Covers

C-06 Frame C-06A Cover C-12 Frame C-17 Frame and Cover C-17 Grate C-17C Riser Rings
C-17LP Frame C-18 Associated Frame C-18 Cover and Grate C-18 Frame C-18A Frame C-18B Water Tight Set
C-18C Riser Rings C-18D Frame C-18L Cover C-18LP Frame C-19 Cover C-19 Frame
C-19A Cover C-19A Frame C-20 Cover C-20 Frame C-20C Riser Rings C-20LP Frame
C-22 Frame Ring and Cover C-22 Water Tight C-23 Frame C-23 Grate C-23 Water Tight Cover C-23A Telus Cover
C-23C Riser Rings C-25 (0401) Frame C-25A (0411) Cover C-26 (0403) Frame C-26A (0412) Cover C-39 Cover
C-39 Frame C-39 Grate C-42 Cover C-42 Frame C-43 Cover C-43 Frame
C-43 Water Tight Cover C-43 Water Tight Frame C-44A Frame and Cover C-724 Ring C-724 Sanitary Cover C-724 Storm Cover

Trapping Hoods

#1A-#9-#9A Trapping Hood A-10 Trapping Hood A-11 Trapping Hood A-16 Aluminium Traps

Valve Boxes and Services Boxes

D-01 Telescopic D-05 Nelson Body D-05 Nelson Lid D-05 Nelson Locking Lid D-05A NelsonRiser Rings D-06 Body
D-06 Lids D-06A Body D-14A 200mm Clean Out Set D-14C 250mm Clean Out Set D-15 Flat Top Set D-17 Frame and Cover
MR-6 – 12 Body MR-6 – 18 Body MR-6 Lids MR-8 Lid MR-8 Body MR-8 Locking Lid
MR-10 Locking Lid SANITARY MR-10 Locking Lid STORM MR-10-18B Body No.37 Blank Lid No.37 Recess Touch Read Lid No.37 Touch Read Lid
No.66 Blank Lid No.66 Touch Read Lid P-67 BLANK – REVISED Royal Driveway Box – SEWER Royal Driveway Box – STORM T2-66 LID Blank
T2-66 Recess Touch Read Lid


City of Surrey SSD-R.40 Bollard MMCD C-12 Bollard